Welcome to the Harvard Digital Publishing Collaborative site!  The Harvard Digital Publishing Collaborative is an ABCD staff affinity group with a focus on how content is authored, produced, secured, delivered, and experienced across web- and device-based content platforms. Topics of interest include content and metadata creation/conversion tools and approaches; content authoring platforms, content management and production workflow processes and best practices; content format and metadata specifications; content security models; content delivery channels and platforms, and author and reader/learner content experience models

ABCD is an informal, University-wide association promoting communication and collaboration on technology-related topics across organizational boundaries.  For more information, see the ABCD home page.

Harvard employees who wish to join our listserv can do so by visiting the ABCD Membership Page and signing up for the Digital Publishing mailing list.

Interested non-Harvard colleagues should RSVP​ to attend and/or be notified of future meetings.